All Lives Matter

Deputy Darren GoforthHouston has been mourning the tragic execution of Deputy Darren Goforth. We mourn because Darren Goforth was a faithful father and husband. We mourn for his family’s tragic loss. Deputy Goforth was a public servant who dedicated himself to uphold and enforce law and order. We mourn for our community’s loss.

God created Darren in His own image and gave him the gifts and talents that he had so that Darren’s gifts could be used to bless others. Above all creation human life is most treasured by God; He was willing to die for humanity. Our culture is asking which lives matter.

Do black lives matter? Do officer’s lives matter? Do babies’ lives matter? The Scriptures tell us that all lives matter because God has made all men, women and children in His image (Genesis 1:26). All lives matter and being at peace with one another is how we demonstrate the value of each and every life.

Our students learn from the very beginning what it means to be peacemakers with one another. They learn to listen and respect one another because we are each made in God’s image. We do this because we are committed to training our students in the Scriptures. The process of teaching students to be peacemakers is not easy but it is necessary.

When we do harm to human beings of any size, race, shape or status, we do harm to God’s image and this offends Him. It is tragic and horrifying that any officer would be gunned down. It is an assault on the officer, his family, his fellow officers, the community and society as a whole. Each of us feels saddened by the tension, animosity and conflict surrounding this issue. We’re concerned that our culture is decaying as quickly as the tension is rising.

Our hope is in the Lord, who can calm these waters as He calmed the sea. His agent of peace is His church (2 Cor. 5:20). I look forward to the day when this generation will be leaders in our community’s churches. In the meantime, we will be glad for each and every person whom God has created because all lives matter.