Beauty, Truth, and Goodness

As I was working with the upper school students at school on Tuesday, one of the girls assisted me in putting Dr. Smith’s room back together. We had been in this room before, boxing the books, covering the table, sanitizing the floor, and moving the fans to get the rooms to dry. Last Tuesday though, we were painstakingly taking our shoes off as we walked on the new floors so as to not track in sheet rock dust. We dusted the shelves, the Harkness table, and put things back in order. “It feels so good to make things beautiful again,” she said. And there you have it: a leader who values the need to bring beauty into the world. This young woman has worked tirelessly to create order out of chaos and she found great joy in the process.

Later, another student noticed that some boxes fell over in one of the newly painted rooms. He was very concerned and came to get me. “Did the floor get scratched?” he asked as we picked up the contents. You read that correctly, a teenage boy’s first concern was whether a floor was scratched in one of his classrooms. Our students will forever be changed by the sense of ownership that they now have for their school.

This morning our upper school students reflected on their role as squad leaders during the Alamo. We truly could not have managed without these squad leaders. They have been the big brothers and sisters of our grammar students and it has been an incredible blessing to watch them lead and others follow. Many said they have gained a new perspective on leadership. They’ve learned that leadership means taking care of others and doing what needs to be done, even when it’s hard. One student said that they had never experienced anything as challenging as leading their squad, even on missions trips. Another student said it made them proud when their squad was able to do things on their own because they had taught them. What a privilege it is to cultivate leadership in these young men and women!

Harvey altered our plans but NOT our mission. Covenant Academy exists to serve Christ and His Kingdom, by sharing the gospel and partnering with parents to train students by way of Scripture and the classical liberal arts: To be discerning, articulate followers of Jesus Christ; To be leaders who are equipped to honor and defend truth, goodness and beauty.