Chess Team Takes 1st Place

Chess retains a reputation as a mentally challenging endeavor. Covenant Academy has offered chess as an after-school activity for many years under the teaching of Mr. Jim Liptrap. Individual Covenant students have been participating in Houston Chess Association (HCA) Scholastic Chess Tournaments for three years. Beginning in 2016, Covenant has had six players participate in HCA Tournaments: Daniel Archer, Cole Brooks, Philip Brookes, Henry Hansen, Timothy McLeod, and Joaquin Rivera.

As such, these 7th and 8th grade students form the Covenant chess team when four or more participate in any HCA tournament. Covenant’s chess team placed at the Region V Tournament in February and again later in the year. However, the four Covenant players who participated at Awty International on September 10th set a new standard taking the first place trophy for middle school. To do so, all four players had to win games in their final round of the day, which they did, and three of the four earned trophies for placing in their sections.

Our chess club meets on campus weekly. Students can also participate in the weekly three-round tournaments on Friday evenings in Cypress or in the bi-weekly Houston Chess Association five-round tournaments on Saturdays throughout the Houston area. The 20th Annual Texas Grade Championships will be held in Houston from Friday, November 11 through Sunday, November 13, 2016. For more details on the tournaments please visit Mr. Liptrap's website.

Chess:  The Sport of Patriots!

Article written by CA parent Jim Archer.