Choose the Best Candidate

Choose a SchoolThe presidential race isn’t the only important decision in which parents have a vote. Most children spend more waking hours in the school parents choose than any other location besides their home. Children spend on average up to seven hours in a school day, 35 hours a week and over 1,000 hours per school year. In a K-12 education, children spend approximately 13,000 hours in school. This investment of time will have results. What will they be learning during this time? What will be the return on that investment? How might the education of our children impact our nation for generations to come? These are questions to ask when choosing a school.

When considering which school is the right candidate for your family, look closely at three aspects of the school: culture, curriculum and community.

Culture: what does the school feel like? What do they value? How is the school teaching the students between classes? Do they display art work that instills a love of beauty? Is nature a part of their daily life or are they primarily stuck between four walls every day? We are abundantly blessed by the beauty of God’s creation displayed in the heart of our school courtyard. 

Curriculum: what is the school’s goal for each graduate? Do they have a portrait that describes what their mission looks like when it is completed? Do you want this for your child? Have you visited the school’s high school classes? Do you want your child to look like these students? We welcome you to visit our classrooms to see how we are accomplishing our portrait of a graduate.

Community: how does this school relate to one another? Is it a family? How do the students treat one another off campus? How do they resolve everyday conflicts? We want our students to see themselves as part of a family with the older students leading the younger students in the pursuit of wisdom and virtue. We view everyday conflict as God-ordained opportunities to help students grow in their understanding of how to live out God’s grace each and every day.

Covenant Culture Covenant Curriculum Covenant Community

It is our goal to achieve our school’s mission in every corner of our campus, every second of our day and every relationship we build. We truly believe that if we accomplish our mission we will send out leaders into businesses, churches and political offices who will impact the culture for generations to come. If you are considering a school for your child, you are making an investment in time and money that will yield results. Will they be the results in your child that you’re hoping for? The choice is yours. Choose the candidate most likely to accomplish your goals.