Parent Testimony: Community

One of the reasons we chose Covenant Academy was the small community. We wanted our daughter to attend a small school with a small teacher to student ratio because we knew she would flourish in this kind of environment.

Our daughter started out by going to Camp Covenant the summer before she began Kindergarten. It was there that she met her Kindergarten teacher and other staff and students that made her feel loved and accepted. She was able to experience the culture of the school before her first day of school!

As a parent, this community is like a second family to me. Knowing that we all have the same end goal in mind, which is to provide our children with sound biblical training in order to prepare them for life after Covenant. Training that promotes a Christ-centered relationship with one another and appreciation for God's beauty and goodness!

I will say that I took the initiative to get involved in our schoolt community. The reason I feel a valuable part of this close knit community was because I CHOSE to get involved in our Covenant Community Life (CCL).

One way to support our school is to support our staff so they are able to do what they do best. Besides volunteering in our classroom, I've volunteered at my daughter's after school activities, different school events, and with our annual Spring Banquet fundraiser. These are just a few ways I have intentionally inserted myself in our school community. Now, as we are entering our third year, it's just what I do!

We are grateful for Covenant Academy and would not want to be anywhere else!


The Flanakin Family
Nancy, Pat and Caris (2nd grade)