Covenant Student Creates Apple App

Cole Brooks, 7th grade student at Covenant Academy, is the creator of a new application for iOS users. The app is called Lunar Phase Calendar and is currently available in the Apple iStore.

You can download the app for free and have instant access to a calendar containing lunar phase information including pictures. One unique aspect of the program is that you can look at past dates on the calendar as well as future dates. Want to know what the moon looked like the day you were born? Simply scroll through and select your date and a picture instantly pops up with a picture and description.

Cole conceived the idea for the application while he was at home, sick on a school day. He developed the prototype and continued to polish it and within days the app was created. Cole also knew that Covenant’s second grade studies study the phases of the moon and would enjoy having access to the technology.  As a result, Cole presented his app to the class and all of the students were excited to have their parents download the app for use at home or on the go!

Cole has plans for a new app to help people stay in touch with friends and family through prayer. Covenant is very proud of Cole and his new endeavors. We look forward to seeing what is next in this young man’s life!