Parent Testimony: Education the Way it Used to Be

It was important for us to find the right fit for our two children. Their care and safety is our number one priority. We wanted a school that planned out all 13 years of our children’s spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth. We researched many different Christian schools and then we found Covenant Academy.

The school feels like home. The instructors and staff care for and love every student as if they were their own and they know all students, parents and even younger siblings by name. The instructors and staff are all personable, educated and experienced. Our children love their instructors and look up to them!

Role models are everywhere at Covenant Academy. We like that the emphasis is on the older students to lead by example. They mentor and interact with the younger students, and we have found this to be a huge benefit to our children. It’s great to see how much the older students are revered by the younger students. But good leaders first learn to be good followers, and we like that everything at Covenant Academy is built upon the foundation of being good followers of Christ.

The academic program is second to none. The students have the advantage of receiving the same classical Christian education that produced Shakespeare, Newton and Washington! It’s incredible how many insightful questions our children ask us, and we attribute this to how Scripture, logic, rhetoric, science, math, Latin and physical activities are all interwoven into the curriculum, with the goal of teaching the students how to think critically.

We love that Western Civilization and our American heritage are studied. To fully round out each student’s development, the curriculum also integrates classical art, music and literature. And we’re amazed at how much the children learn through song.

One of our favorite events at Covenant Academy is the art show, where all the students proudly show off their beautiful works of art to their families and friends. It’s a joy having intelligent conversations with our children about what they’re discovering at school.

Thank you for letting us tell you a little about Covenant Academy. We welcome you and pray that you too find what you seek. We look forward to seeing you around campus.

David and Eva Squires
Parents of Adam (3rd Grade) and Emma (2nd Grade)