Faucett, Amanda

Amanda FaucettYearbook Teacher
BS in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin

My education and career background is in advertising; I spent five years working for McCann-Erickson, one of the top global advertising agencies. While the advertising life was fun, it was also a bit soul-draining, and I made the decision to move into full-time ministry as the Director of Youth and Family ministry at my home church in Houston. Marriage and children came along and as they tend to do, adjusted my career plans a bit. I am now a portrait photographer running my own business and I teach Covenant Academy’s yearbook class with an emphasis on journalistic photography.

I’ve been drawn to a different way of educating our two children since before they were even born, but it was just a few years ago that I found the name for what I was seeking – classical Christian education. I am so blessed to have found Covenant, to be part of its teaching staff and be a Covenant parent to our two children, Jacob and Julianne.