Testimony Tuesday: I am only a Grandma...

For our family, our initial concern was that we find a Christian based school so that our values would be instilled each day as she embarked on her coming years of education.  We needed to be sure the Bible was an intricate part of her daily routine, and continue to be, throughout her life.

We had her enrolled, initially, in a different school, believing that all Christian schools were alike. We were wrong. Once we discovered what it meant to be a Classical Christian school, we transferred our Emma to Covenant Academy.

                                                               Photo Credit:  Amanda Faucet Photography

She has been with Covenant for three years and her attention level excels every year. She is excited about learning, excited about home projects, and displays happiness relating to classmates and her teachers.

I am only a Grandma, but what I witness when I am there is amazing. 
The children are happy, well behaved by choice, and always seem eager to learn something new.

I periodically meet her for lunch and get to observe all of the children as they interact. Everything is organized and pleasant. Then, like clockwork, it becomes silent time. The Administrator raises her hand, and the children, from every age group, become quiet. They finish their lunches, often listening to classical composers. When it is time to head to the playground, a teacher will indicate grade levels by holding up the required number of fingers, and each grade silently lines up to exit the lunchroom. The organization, and full cooperation of the students, is something to behold.

I always stay to enjoy the children on the playground before they return to class. There are no social cliques at Covenant. All ages interact with each other.

I am only a Grandma, but what I witness when I am there is amazing. The children are happy, well behaved by choice, and always seem eager to learn something new.

                                                           Photo Credit:  Amanda Faucet Photography

When I am with Emma she talks continually about what she is learning. She told me one day that she can be whatever she wants when she grows up because her teachers are smart and she always pays attention.

It is my opinion that there is no better place for developing our Emma than Covenant Academy. I thank everyone there for all they instill in my precious grandchild.

Betty Markle
Emma's Grandma