We stand in truth Nothing without God Where there is God, there is Love Our strength is of the Lord

At Covenant, everyone belongs to someone. Our four houses organize our school community around the ideals that define our school: wisdom and virtue. House systems are a by-product of traditional British boarding schools, where students of varying ages lived together in a physical house, overseen by invested faculty members who would actively disciple and lead their students in school-wide activities and competitions. 

British houses were named after the faculty member but ours are named after American founding fathers, Patriots deemed worthy of imitation. In keeping with the ethos of classical education, and with the purpose of maintaining a rich culture of community, all students and faculty are placed into one of four houses: Washington, Madison, Hamilton, and Henry. 

These houses (or teams) provide students with abundant leadership options and encourage excellence through friendly competition. Each of our houses has chosen a virtue and a motto that they will actively seek to define them. These virtues, wisdom, courage, perseverance, and love are worthy pursuits for all as we seek to be lifelong learners in community with one another.

“Four houses united to love, learn, and serve Him.”
-from Our House Song

House System and School Culture

  • Each day one house of upper school students serves for 10 minutes during Grammar School lunch. This opportunity to serve younger students and connect with them builds confidence in both upper and lower school students that will last a lifetime.  This strengthens relationships across grade levels building an inter-generational school culture; a school that feels like a family. 
  • Students participate in healthy competitions (athletics, fundraising, service to the community, and games). Our annual Patriot Day is a school-wide celebration of House Spirit that provides an opportunity for students of all grades to fellowship together and forge strong relationships.  
  • Student leadership is cultivated through daily service and mentoring but is most evident in our weekly school-wide chapel. Announcements, awards and discussions take place in House Huddles so that younger students are given an opportunity to learn from older students. This fosters an expectation that older students will be role models for younger students as they teach them to apply what they are learning in their everyday life. House Huddles provide a new relational dimension in student-teacher relationships as adults “lead from behind” giving older students the opportunity to take on more and more responsibility. 
  • Parents and siblings feel welcome during school-wide events. They know people outside of their grade level and are able to build strong relationships over many years since families remain in the same house during their tenure at Covenant. 

Though our four houses compete with each other, we are also committed to serving God together as a community.