Parent Testimony: 3 Components of Student Leadership Development

When we moved to the Houston area several years ago, our highest priority was finding the right school for our family. Academic excellence is certainly important to us, but we know there is more to education than the proverbial “Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Our desire was to find a school that would encourage leadership and growth both in and outside of the classroom. I am happy to say we made the right choice in Covenant Academy. There are three components we found to be an invaluable part of student leadership development in our child.

Opportunity to Lead by Both Observing and Doing
From the beginning, our son Henry learned about leadership by both observing and doing. The high school junior who served as “house leader” modeled great servant leadership qualities, not the least by providing gentle guidance and speaking words of encouragement to younger students. As 6th graders, Henry and his classmates took their first steps in leading and mentoring as they individually read to kindergarten students. Recognizing that younger students looked up to him, Henry definitely became more conscientious about his own behavior.

Henry, (second from the right) with other members of the CA Chess Team.

Extra-Curricular Activities
While some parents might worry that a small school cannot provide ample extra-curricular activities, we have had quite a different experience! As a member of both the Chess Club and the Basketball Team, Henry has had opportunities to develop a variety of skills and abilities: strategy and careful thought on the one hand, and teamwork and physical agility on the other. He has also participated in math and music competitions, and enthusiastically cheered on his peers competing in other sports and fine arts.

Social Events That Create Community
In addition to sports and clubs, the school also offers several social events throughout the year. What has surprised us is that we see little of the social awkwardness that usually accompanies such activities for teenagers. Everyone is made to feel welcomed and included, and everyone dances- even 13 year-old boys! With all of these events, our son has developed a strong sense of community and affection for all of the students at his school.

We love having a Christ-centered school that reaches beyond the classroom in an effort to nurture the whole child. It is our hope that you will be as delighted as we are with all that Covenant Academy has to offer.

Many Blessings,
Holly Hansen
Parent of a CA Upper School Student