Our Mission

Covenant Academy exists to serve Christ and His Kingdom by sharing the gospel and partnering with parents to train students by way of Scripture and the classical liberal arts:

  • to be discerning, articulate followers of Jesus Christ;
  • to be leaders who are equipped to honor and defend truth,
    goodness and beauty.

Our Vision

If we are effective in our partnership, our graduates will possess:

  1. Virtue: Students will demonstrate high moral standards. They will recognize obedience as an expression of love for God and His word. They will honor God and those made in His image, and rightly order their affections. Students will study the Bible as our moral compass, and the representations of virtue in classical literature.
  2. Wisdom: Students will think deeply, reason soundly, recognize the consequences of ideas, and make wise choices. Students will learn to make all thoughts captive to Christ and love what God loves.
  3. Eloquence: Students will demonstrate fluent and persuasive speech. They will listen discerningly and speak winsomely in articulate defense of truth, goodness, and beauty.
  4. Balance: Students will demonstrate well rounded foundations. They will gain mastery of the liberal arts. They will learn grammar (the rules and structure of each subject), logic (the ability to understand the implications and build on the foundations of those rules), and rhetoric (the ability to present and defend their conclusions). Students will appreciate the connections between literature, arts, athletics, and the sciences, enabling them to pursue lifelong learning in areas of special interest and the ability to be conversant and competent in other fields.
  5. Literacy: Students will demonstrate knowledge in a range of fields. They will cultivate a love of learning, and a love of the true, good and beautiful through studying a broad selection of great works of theology, literature, history, science, mathematics, music, and the visual arts.
  6. Servant Leadership: Students will demonstrate the ability to humbly lead others. They will seek to imitate Christ who came to serve, not to be served, as they practice leadership qualities honed through character training, mentoring, service and daily discipleship.

View a downloadable PDF version of our Curriculum Map.

Our Plan

With careful attention to both formal and informal feedback from parents, teachers, staff, and others, the board recently determined seven statements that will direct the future of our school. They are under-girded by our mission and vision and represent the long-range goals for the school. In the same way that every aspect of our curriculum is driven by our school vision in the curriculum map, every future decision will be driven by these goals.

  • Faculty and Staff: We desire a team of passionate, skilled, vocational, classical Christian educators who are competitively compensated (salary, benefits, children at the school, etc.), committed to Covenant, and growing in the school’s vision.
  • Families: We want to partner with parents as they serve God in training up their children. We desire a student body that is culturally diverse and predominantly Christian with all families committed to and growing in the vision of the school to the extent that they are investing their time, talents, truth, and treasure in the school’s mission and vision.
  • Students: Our goal is for our students to be well rounded. We will accept mission appropriate students of all abilities and backgrounds so long as none of our students are left behind. Our philosophy is to lead students to the apex of their ability by teaching and supporting them well. We are not seeking an elite group of students, rather, we are seeking like-minded families whose children want to learn. In educating the entire student mentally, spiritually, and physically, we will provide an education that achieves our mission and vision. We want our graduates to embody the school’s vision statement. We want our alumni to view our school as the ideal school for their children.
  • Financial: We desire a balanced budget that is funded by tuition with an endowment fund for emergency use equal to 3-6 months of the annual operating budget. We want to offer financial aid that increases the diversity of our community without compromise to the school’s financial position.
  • Community: We plan to actively seek to be a blessing to Houston area businesses, churches, schools, civic, and non-profit organizations. We want to bless others at the local, national, and international level to such an extent that God is glorified, and we are known as servant leaders.
  • Facility: We want to maximize our current campus in such a way as to achieve our mission and vision, increase our visibility, and reach our enrollment capacity of 200+ students. We want a thriving school culture that emphasizes a strong connection between our upper and lower schools. We want to utilize the nine acres we currently own to continue to benefit from the assembly hall, Nature Preserve, music room, art room, and science lab. We would like to add a gymnasium, fully functioning kitchen and gardens for home economics, athletic fields, and adequate transportation/ parking. To do this we will need to conduct a study and develop a long-term facility plan so that we can steward our resources effectively.
  • Arts, Athletics and School Culture: We desire our upper and lower schools to have a shared culture, community and connection that is fostered by a classical philosophy in athletics and arts. We recognize that this vision for a strong community means that our school will not grow without bounds, that we will be a close-knit community and that this will be our strength. We desire to achieve a mission appropriate accreditation as a mark of continuous improvement.