Morris, Sharee

Sharee MorrisThird Grade Teacher
BS in Family Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park

I began my career as an event planner in Washington, DC but eventually felt the desire to fulfill my lifelong love of learning by becoming a teacher. Over the course of many years, I have had the pleasure of teaching 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade in public school and Kindergarten through 1st grade to my daughter using a classical homeschooling program. In addition, I enjoyed teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to adults with Arabic as their first language.

Classical Christian education is the type of education I had always dreamed about my children having; I just didn’t know it existed until doing extensive research.  I have been the Director of Admissions at Covenant for three years, walking alongside families that were discovering classical Christian education for the very first time just like I did. I am returning to the classroom to combine my passion for teaching with my passion for the impact our school is making in the Cypress and northwest Houston community. I am a total geek about reading and find that there is nothing more exciting than watching beginning readers develop a love of words and, eventually, a love of stories. Math is also exciting at this age as numbers become more concrete leading to the awe and beauty of order that waits to be discovered in the world.

I have two children, both in Grammar School here at Covenant. You can usually find me at the pool with my kids, spending time with friends, dreaming of my next adventure in Europe or reading historical fiction. I am also passionate about orphan care and chai tea and cannot live without God’s Word!