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Sources for Classical Education

At Covenant Academy, we refer to the following sources to define Classical Christian Education:

Video Presentations:
"Ancient Future Education" (17 min)
 by Davies Owens (

"Reason, Virtue, and Education, You Betcha" (4 min)
 by Chuck Colson (

Web Resources:
CCE: The Elevator Pitch by Douglas Wilson
What is CCE?  and The Classical Difference by the Assoc. of Classical Christian Schools
The Exponential Growth of Classical Christian Education by the Gospel Coalition

Printed Resources:
"The Lost Tools of Learning" by Dorothy Sayers first presented at Oxford in 1947
"An Introduction to Classical Education-A Guide for Parents" by Dr. Christopher A. Perrin
"The Ongoing Controversy Modern vs Classical Education" by Dr. Steve Turley

Books related to Classical Christian Education (CCE)

Books for Shepherding Hearts While Training Minds