Rhetoric school focuses on great books, great conversations and great ideas. Great books are those that have shaped and continue to influence the way we think today. They have stood the test of time. They are great because of their impact on humanity; not necessarily because everything they have said is great. Certain works, such as Darwin’s Origin of the Species must be read in the context of study, though not necessarily in total. However, we also believe that certain subjects, such as science and math must be experienced and discussed if the subject is to be truly understood. We believe that learning cannot be separated from worldview or philosophy and therefore have endeavored to teach all subjects from a great books perspective so that our students’ minds are renewed and our students are transformed. We have intentionally included as many of the great books as possible to be read, at least in part, within the context of each subject. We desire that our students be challenged, inspired and transformed by the community and conversation of this course of study.

The goal of our educational philosophy is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue, the method is the trivium, the medium is language in pursuit of beauty, goodness and truth. Defining these ideals is challenging, defending them is critical. Without a clear definition of beauty, truth and goodness, the foundation on which our culture was fashioned will waste away. We desire that our graduates be well-rounded disciples of Christ and recognize that the course of study that is offered will impact the attainment of that goal.