What is a Shadow Day?

Thank you for your interest in Covenant’s Shadow Day. We would be thrilled to host your students on our campus.

A shadow day is an opportunity for a student to be a "Patriot for a Day." Prospective students will be paired with a Covenant student in the grade they are currently in. For example, a current first grader looking at applying for second grade next year will shadow a current Covenant first grader. Your student will get to experience a regular school day as a Covenant student while getting to know our staff, students and campus.

During a shadow day a student might be able to participate in a number of activities.  Activities may include: Classroom Discussions, Reading, Music, Art, PE and more.

What time should I arrive at Covenant, what do I bring, and what should I wear?

  • Arrival time is 8:30 am: In order to best serve you and host you on our campus, we ask that you do not arrive earlier than 8:30 am.
  • Lunch/Water Needed: Please pack a lunch and a water bottle to be used throughout the day.
  • Dress Code: Shadow students are not required to wear a uniform however, we find it often eases anxieties if students are dressed in a similar fashion as our current students. Covenant students will be dressed in khaki bottoms and a red, white or navy polo.
  • Pick up Times:
    First through Sixth Grade – 1:00 pm
    Seventh Grade and Up - 3:30 pm

How can I schedule a Shadow Day?

Step 1: RSVP for one of our Shadow Days.

Step 2:  Begin an online application for each student, through our Statement of Faith. You are not required to pay the application fee in order to shadow. However, the required applicant and household information must be completed before a student can attend the Shadow Day.  (If you have multiple students, you may add additional applications and copy your household information for easy of input.)

Step 3:  Once you complete the online application, please email Melissa den Dulk, our Admissions Director, to let her know. We will review the information and email you with a confirmation and details about the day.