Smith, Adrian

Adrian SmithDirector of Faculty Development
Director of Student Life
Upper School Teacher: Humanities
Ph.D. (New Testament) and Th.M. (Old Testament) from Westminster Theological Seminary; B.Sc (Mathematics) from London University.

I have been a teacher for over twenty years because I love to inspire students with my passion for learning. My conviction is that all great stories are allegories of the story of Jesus. I love to express my faith through writing, and through the dramatic performance of Scripture. I hope my classroom is a place where students find their true identity by indwelling God’s big story.

I am married to Dawn, and we have two daughters (one adopted). I am ordained as a minister of the gospel, and regularly fill pulpits as needed.  For relaxation, I enjoy nature walks with my dog, reading children’s literature, listening to classical music, going to the theater, and watching soccer.