A Culture in Crisis. Leaders Needed.

Few things have impacted our current culture more than secularism (the belief that knowledge is separate from God) and postmodernism (the idea all truth is relative). Our denial of God and objective truth has left us polarized and paralyzed. We have no common ground to stand on, no moral compass, and as a culture, we are going nowhere fast. Despite being more connected, we’ve never been more divided. Technology has given us a host of conveniences and even more challenges as parents navigate the information aimed at their children. The truth is, we’ve lost our way and we’re more anxious than ever before. We need someone to lead the way. (See Barna's article on how "Competing Worldviews Influence Today's Christians," March 2017.

Parents are looking for someone who will partner with them in the discipleship of their children. In a world that is increasingly confused about identity, they are looking for a school that understands that their child is made in the image of God and with that come immeasurable gifts and talents that need to be nurtured. Parents are looking for godly Christian men and women who will partner with them to teach their children what it means to follow Christ and lead the way for others to follow Him as well.

Helping Students to Lead the Way

Our current goal is to raise funds for tuition assistance so that our school can continue to partner with like-minded families who qualify for tuition assistance.

Our goal is to raise $200,000. Here’s how we plan to get there:

  2 Donors at $25,000
  4 Donors at $15,000
  4 Donors at $5,000
14 Donors at $2,000
10 Donors at $1,000
30 Donors at $500
36 Donors at $250
$ 9,000
80 Donors at $100
$ 8,000
180 Donors for a
Grand Total of:


Our vision for the future:

  • Expand enrollment to 200+ students.
  • Continue to partner with like-minded families and offer tuition assistance to grow in diversity
  • Add classrooms and additional parking to campus.
  • Investigate building a gymnasium on current campus.


Training Students to Lead the Way

“I treasure that I can trust that what I teach my children at home in terms of biblical character, personal accountability, hard work and having fun, proper discipline, loving God and others, respecting authority, and having a Christ-centered mindset. A ‘building the Kingdom’ atmosphere is what is taught and expected by their teachers and school family during their time away from me.” – Covenant Parent

“Covenant has helped build my faith in Christ as well as defend it. It has helped me academically, and it has strengthened me socially with its teachers and staff. I'm surprised how much I changed over the course of just the first week of school. I could not imagine myself now without Covenant Academy.” – Covenant High School Student

“We enrolled our youngest daughter into Covenant before her older sister, who rejected the idea of going to a private school. However, after witnessing how Covenant was such a blessing to her little sister and experiencing the amazing impact the school had on the whole family, she came to us with tears streaming as she pleaded to be enrolled, too.” – Covenant Parent

Cultivating Virtue

The education at Covenant not only taught me what was true, good, and beautiful, but also why those things were worthy of pursuit in defense. Knowing the reason behind pursuing such things and being convinced that it's good makes it much easier to live out that pursuit. It give us a purpose, not just a command. – Covenant Alumni, Class of 2018

“At dinner, my children compete to talk about their day, and I stay engaged with what they are learning.” – Covenant Parent of Middle and High School Students

"Covenant has helped me be able to discern what is worth knowing and doing. For even at a Christian college, the good can be an enemy of the best. Covenant has taught me to recognize the good and, because we tend to run to what we are familiar with, has taught me to run to the good." – Covenant Alumni, Class of 2016

“Covenant illuminated the meaning of virtue for me and clearly displayed the value in daily choosing to seek it out. I am confident that life is about knowing and loving the highest good.” Covenant Alumni, Class of 2018