Tending Together

Last year, we dedicated the area behind our school playground to Mr. Ray Brumlow, the founder of Cy-Fair Christian Academy (the school which once owned our current facility). A generous contribution to cultivate Brumlow Preserve enabled us to form trails, build benches and tables and start a garden for each of our four houses. In the spring, our houses gathered for planning meetings to determine a theme for their house garden. The theme determined the plants selected and each house's color was incorporated into the chosen theme. After the plans were made, the houses worked the soil, pulling weeds, adding fertilizer and preparing to plant. Each child planted a part of the garden knowing that as their house grows, so will our gardens.

Last Saturday, we ventured back into the gardens after a long, hot summer. We felt a little like the Pevensie children in Narnia, visiting their castle gardens hundreds of years later, not recognizing their once beautiful flower beds. The parables that Jesus told about weeds, soil and seeds were confirmed before our very eyes. Weeds grow quickly and choke out the desired plants; it was hard at first to see the shape and design of the gardens. But we were determined to be as persistent as the Bermuda grass! Using the pictures taken on the first day, we were able to find the good plants, those true to the design and we pulled and pulled away the choking grass and weeds to bring out the beauty. In working together, we accomplished our goal: cultivating truth, goodness and beauty once again. In the same way, when the Israelites returned from many years in exile, they needed to resurrect the original building plans in order to re-build Solomon's Temple. In so many ways our gardens provide a metaphor for our work at Covenant. We are a community, doing this together. Challenges come, but together we can make a difference by looking for the beauty and drawing it out through understanding the plans of our Heavenly Father by reading His Word.

Many have asked if they can help. Absolutely! We will place the original pictures on the back of the garden signs, along with the plants that are part of that design. You are welcome to talk with the house leader about coming out to pull weeds or even add additional plants to the garden that are in keeping with the original plan.

Folks have also asked about additional donations of mulch. We are gratefully accepting additional donations of mulch to enrich our courtyard flower beds as well. When the weather cools, we plan to add roses to each of the courtyard beds. If you'd like to help prepare the soil for roses, please contact Jamie Noell.