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  • Parent Testimony: The Way God Created Us to Learn

    As our thirst for knowledge and our capacity to learn increases as we develop, so does our curriculum and the richness and complexity of information that we can process and retain.

    As an infant/young child, our brains are able to process simple information, such as square, circle, red, blue. As we grow, fine motor skills come in and we learn to hold a pencil and write and jump. Then we can begin to memorize huge chunks of information and easily recite it at will. And yes, there is repetition of information for this reason. Once we understand shapes and colors, we add on to those facts and learn to calculate circumference and understand how light effects the way we see colors. Each step of the way, the history of the world taught chronologically guides the content of each subject. This occurs all throughout grammar school.

    We learn to care for others more than ourselves, get outside of our own comfort zone and humbly grow in the knowledge our minds crave.

    In the middle school years, responsibilities increase and students are responsible for keeping up with their own schedules and assignments and even the campus grounds. Teachers train students' study skills for self-teaching outside the classroom through homework and longer assignments. The knowledge obtained in grammar school is applied into more defined subjects and period rotations throughout the school day. Service time trains students to care for their school and others by doing tasks with a servant’s heart. We learn to care for others more than ourselves, get outside of our own comfort zone and humbly grow in the knowledge our minds crave.

    This is the way God created us to learn.

    In logic school, all the information and leadership skills are refined. These students pay it forward and demonstrate leadership qualities back towards the younger students. They present topics of character building and model behavior each week during our all-school chapel. The student council plans and leads student events such as dances, fall festivals, and house huddles. All the while, their love of learning is sharpened, not to just get them through high school, but to inspire a lifetime love of learning.

    The most important factor, I believe, is that God's story is entwined throughout their education. These are our children's most formative years. We should take every opportunity afforded to them to show them God's unconditional love. This is how He created each of us and how we naturally develop. This is the way God created us to learn.

    This article was written by Laurie Brooks, the Director of Information and Technology at Covenant Academy.  Laurie is passionate about classical Christian education and loves watching her two boys thrive under its time tested methods.  

    Laurie and her husband Todd have two CA students Cole and Noah and a playful Dalmatian named Kimber.  To learn more visit the About Us page. 

  • Testimony Tuesday: You Will Fall in Love

    I almost guarantee that if you tour the school 
    you will fall in love, just like I did.

    Several years ago my two children started at Covenant Academy and have been thriving ever since. I am so grateful God guided me toward this school. If you are looking for a classical Christian K-12 school, this very well could be the right one for you. I almost guarantee that if you tour the school you will fall in love, just like I did.

    One of the things I love about my school is that the parents and teachers are both wholeheartedly invested in each child's future. The teachers and I communicate on a regular basis, via in person, email, and text and it always is so easy to get to talk to them. I brag a lot about the teachers but the school principal and staff are amazingly sweet also.

    During our last break the kids mentioned how much they’re loving this school year and their teachers. The teachers and the staff are exceptional. I feel truly blessed as a parent to have found this school and to have formed so many friendships because of the Covenant community.


    Mary and Ken Collins
    (parents of Elizabeth and Kelly)

  • Testimony Tuesday: Searching for a Kindergarten program

    "After seven school tours, we walked into Covenant, 
    saw the beautiful courtyard and surroundings, 
    loving atmosphere and learned more about classical Christian education."

    As our son approached his kindergarten year, we began to research schools looking for a God centered, stimulating education. We had an amazing experience at a Christian preschool and wanted to help our child stay interested in learning about the Lord. As new believers who had only recently gone from lukewarm to a much closer version of being on fire for God, one thing we knew for sure was that we wanted our son to know God early on, know Him well and have wisdom to help others come to know Him.

    After seven schools tours, we walked into Covenant, saw the beautiful courtyard and surroundings, loving atmosphere and learned more about classical education.  It was clear that we would as a family grow closer to the Lord from the Covenant experience and definitely see the difference.

    The trivium, focusing on grammar, logic and rhetoric, which are taught at Covenant, puts emphasis on fundamentals and problem solving. Along with the top-notch, clear cut, nurturing education that our son is receiving, the Peacemaking Principles that guide the direction of the Covenant community have been life changing.

    It is our prayer that many more families have the opportunity to share in the Covenant experience for brighter futures and that as a community we can expand God's Kingdom together.

    We hope and pray you join us.

    Hank, Allison & Ty Hegar