Testimony Tuesday: Unexpected Grace and Love

Covenant has been a real blessing in our lives, and especially the openness and community inclusion that we felt from the very beginning. We were in a classical university model program before coming to Covenant, and though the academic and curricular transition was what we expected, we did not expect to find the grace and love that permeates the halls and courtyard every day.

The steady breeze blowing through the trees in the courtyard is a constant companion to an ever-present awareness that God's Spirit is truly working in this place, and we look forward to seeing how our lives unfold together over the years.

"Covenant is truly a place where God is at 
work every day."

We are particularly struck by the leadership shown in the upper school kids and the spirit of mentorship as they demonstrate true joy in their interactions with the younger kids and the respect they show to all the parents. We look forward to many generations of leaders coming forth from Covenant Academy. There is no better place in Houston to come along-side and serve the needs of the whole child - from academics, spirituality, physical training, classical art education, and strong music theory and practice to the solid biblical framework tying it all together in a highly diverse student body.

Covenant is truly a place where God is at work every day.

Darin and Cherie Duphorne
Parents of Max (5th Grade) and Lydia (2nd grade)