Testimony Tuesday: What is Moses doing on the historical banner?

Most of my life I have viewed private school as a hoity-toity asylum for snobbish children. Until a few years ago I never thought I’d find reason to subject my child to such a pretentious institution.  To keep this under 500 words, our experience at public school was disappointing (that’s not just being brief, but also very kind). We were forced to look at other options... which meant one of those places.

"...everything I knew of private school was broken apart 
and abandoned for something beautiful."

I was skeptical when I first arrived at Covenant. After a short meeting with Mrs. Collins we were escorted to a vacant classroom which at first did nothing for my misgivings. Clean and organized, it was a typical classroom. Neat rows of chairs, shelves filled with books, historical timeline with Moses, a poster with some words of... wait... back up... what is Moses doing on the historical banner? I’ve never doubted that Biblical characters were real, but I never thought to weave the Bible into history class.

"I was dumbfounded hearing 
'God made our bodies' in class."

We then visited a class in progress. The teacher was lecturing on molecules and asked, “Does air have mass?”, and the children replied, “Yes.” Having the children wave their hands about, she asked, “Can you feel the air?” “No,” they answered. The teacher continued, “That’s because God made our bodies in such a way...” I have no idea what she said after that. I was dumbfounded hearing “God made our bodies” in class.

Later, after discussing the principles of the school with Mrs. Collins, everything I knew of private school was broken apart and abandoned for something beautiful.

We enrolled my youngest daughter into the first grade. For her, she found the sense of security she desperately needed at that point in her life. From the beginning, she often called her classmates “family.”

We didn’t enroll our oldest daughter for almost two years. And it was her choice. Having seen her little sister enjoy what Covenant has to offer, our oldest daughter wanted more than what public school provided. She wanted the excellence in education, the loving environment, but moreover, she wanted to begin a disciplined study of Christ. Not only did she find that, but she also found an instant sense of belonging and true friendship...something that she could not find where she was before.

Covenant extends this sense of belonging beyond the students by hosting numerous events throughout the year for the students and their families. Showcasing accomplishments is always a focus, but these evenings do much more than that; they bring all the families into one community. We’re not just watching our kids learn; we are in many ways participating.

In public schools you drop off your kid and hope for the best. At Covenant, parents partner with the school to shape the students to be followers of Christ and leaders in the community.

David and Jenn Swearengin
parents of Abby and Emma